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Saturday, 16 February 2013

It Beggars Belief!

Would a school appoint a musician (no previous experience in chemistry) as head of chemistry in a school? I think not, so why do we have a journalist (no previous experience in education) running the education system?

The efforts of schools and their teachers (no fault of theirs) are aimed at 'hitting targets' (all that matters is that we achieve X% A-Cs in these so called 'key subjects') so they are not perceived as failing according to standards that are a nonsense . It is common knowledge that everyone performs better when they are relaxed and happy yet the current system prevents this. Education should be about encouraging pupils to become independent learners and creative thinkers, nurturing the individual talent each pupil has, irrespective of whether or not it is in one of the aforementioned 'key subjects'. This cannot be achieved until a relaxed environment (where a teacher is not constantly 'on edge' in case someone with a clip board comes in to see how he/she is measuring up against the silly standards) is created in schools. 

I'm speaking about the UK but I'm sure the above applies to the US and many other countries.
I'll leave you with the video:


  1. This is a right trend which enable students to learn stress-free. It helps them to understand better and even they will get sufficient time to clear their doubts. As my team of PR and Advertising Institute has research some local schools and find that, the educational environment should be pleasing and creative to grow healthy and clever child development.

    1. Yes, please check out my latest 'Prezi' - 'The Way Forward' here

  2. Indeed, but let's not be too surprised. After all the same applies to the Health Service, Defence, the Foreign Office and the person in charge of the cuddly/greenie/windfarm scam department. They'll all change chairs in the next reshuffle anyway ...

    1. Too true Tony, hence the reason for the 'mess' everywhere. You may be interested in this link -

      Thank you for your comment.